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Paediatric First Aid (Ofsted)

Course length

2 Days

About the Course

This paediatric first aid course caters for emergency situations that can occur when looking after babies, young children and infants. The course is intended for those working with foundation age children, including: those who work in day nurseries, pre-schools, private nursery schools and play gyms; those who run before and after school clubs; and childminders, nannies and carers.

Our course meets the OFSTED Early Years and Childcare Register requirements and will provide you with the skills to recognise and help with a range of illnesses or injuries whilst you wait for the emergency services to arrive.

Course Outcomes

Plan for first aid emergencies
Recognise and deal with shock
Deal with emergencies
Recognise and respond correctly to: electric shocks, anaphylactic shock, bleeding, meningitis and other serious illnesses
Respond appropriately to: burns and scalds, suspected fractures, poisoning, choking, and head, neck and spinal injuries
Respond correctly to: foreign bodies in children’s eyes, ears and noses; eye injuries, stings and bites; febrile convulsions and the effects of cold and heat
Recognise and respond to emergencies resulting from serious and chronic conditions.

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