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Child Sexual Exploitation

Course length

About the Course

If you are a parent, teacher, social worker or if you are interested in pursuing a career in childcare services and participating in humanitarian work, this course will be highly beneficial for you. This child sexual exploitation course will raise your awareness of child protection issues and will equip you with the necessary practical skills and knowledge with which to support vulnerable children who have been sexually exploited. Ultimately, by the time you have completed this course, you will possess the sufficient qualifications and the essential attributes needed in order to pursue a successful career within the childcare industry.

Course Outcomes

What is child sexual exploitation?
How to identify the symptoms associated with child sexual exploitation
How to respond if a child confesses to you that they have been abused
How to record and respond to reports of child abuse
How to understand a child’s reaction to sexual exploitation
Information on the current legislation that protects children who have been sexually exploited
child sexual exploitation

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