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  • Are we accredited?
    All courses both In-House and E-Learning are CPD Accredited.
  • How do I book a course?
    To book a course on our E-Learning Platform you have to have a managers account, if you do not have one please call 01473 526675, if you do log into your account and click ‘Enrol Courses’ and from here you can choose which course you would like to assign to which learner.
  • How to I get a quote for Face-to-Face training?
    To get a quote for face-to-face training please call 01473 526675 or email The details we will need to know is your Company, where about’s in the United Kingdom you are, what course you wish to do, when you would like to do it and number of individuals attending.
  • I can't log in to the E-Learning Platform?
    If you can not seem to log in the first step is to check that you are putting in your email and password correct. If this still does not work you might want to try resetting your password, this does have an hourly limit and you should check your junk or spam, if you still can not log in then please call us for assistance on 01473 526675.
  • What devices can I use?
    You can use any device such as a phone, tablet, computer and laptop.
  • I haven't received a certificate, what do I do?"
    If you are a learner you will need to ask your manager for your certificate. Otherwise call us on 01473 526675.
  • I cant log in?
    If you cannot log in then check that your details are correct, try to reset your password and if it still doesn't work then contact us on 01473 526675.
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