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Effective Communication

Course length

About the Course

The complexities of working with people with substance abuse related issues
Understanding the issues and causes behind drug and alcohol abuse
Models of and approaches to tackling drug and alcohol abuse
The principles of the twelve-step programme
Counselling tools
Understanding the challenges, including those associated with recovery from addiction
Identifying the different types of recreational drugs
Understanding how individuals are affected by drugs and alcohol
Understanding how individuals are affected by drug and alcohol abuse and addiction
The course is suitable for people working across a range of disciplines, and deals with verbal and non-verbal communication in a range of scenarios. A key focus will be on clarity of communication, listening skills, and dealing with high stress environments.

Course Outcomes

What is effective communication?
Why is effective communication in the workplace so important?
Self-analysis of communication ability and areas for improvement
Key techniques to ensure you can get your message across
The art of listening
The importance of non-verbal communication
Effective communication in stressful situations
Dealing with conflict
How to communicate negative thoughts and feelings
Dealing with those who can’t or won’t communicate effectively

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