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Fire Marshalling / Fire Warden

Course length

4 Hours

About the Course

This course will help employees to understand the role that a designated fire marshal plays in the workplace. The course will include important training on preventing fires, the use of different types of fire extinguisher, and the safe evacuation of buildings.
This course is suitable for anyone who plays a role in fire safety, in any kind of working environment, whether that’s in an office or in a factory. Anyone who will be a designated fire marshal/warden, or who may come into contact with fire hazards, will benefit from the training this course provides.

Course Outcomes

Fire regulations
General precautions that should be taken in the working environment
What to do if you discover a fire
Common causes of fire
The science of how fires start and grow
What a fire drill is and the purpose it serves
The process of safely conducting a building evacuation in a fire
Fire safety legislation, and the role of the employer and employees
Identifying and correctly using different types of fire extinguisher
The role that you will take on as a designated fire marshal

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