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Gang Relations

Course length

3 Hours

About the Course

This course aims to provide an understanding of gangs, their culture, how different gangs relate to one another, and how individuals can escape from seemingly inescapable gang culture. This course is well suited to professionals, such as social workers and law enforcement agents, who work with clients who may be involved in gangs, and may wish to escape the culture associated with gangs. Teachers, as well as school support staff, may also benefit from this course, as it may enable them to better understand and help their students. Understanding why individuals subscribe to gang culture and sacrifice safety for social inclusion can help such professionals to provide the necessary help and support.

Course Outcomes

Why do individuals join gangs?
The importance of gang relations
How gangs tend to be structured
What is gang culture, and what are the defining elements of gangs?
How different gangs perceive each other
How individuals can escape gang culture
How to settle gang differences without resorting to violence

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