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Mental Health Awareness

Course length

2 Hours

About the Course

This in-depth mental health awareness course is aimed at people working in, or aspiring to work in, a health care setting, such as a hospital, clinic, GP surgery or care home. This mental health awareness course will help participants to better understand the mental health needs of the patients they come into contact with. Course participants will be better equipped to help people with mental health issues; they will learn to deal with their needs appropriately and understand where they can best access appropriate services.

This mental health awareness course aims to build the confidence of health care workers when working with patients, clients and service users who have mental health problems.

Course Outcomes

Understand the basics of mental health
Recognise the various symptoms of a range of common mental health disorders
Respond appropriately and sensitively to the individual needs of service users
Be able to refer a person to an appropriate mental health service for additional support
Be able to support and care for a person with ill mental health
Understand discrimination and stigma and how to avoid it
Know about common medications and their side effects

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