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Pressure Sore Awareness

Course length

2 Hours

About the Course

This pressure sore awareness course will be beneficial for participants who are pursuing a career within the health care industry. This course will educate you on how to identify the different types of pressure sores, as well as demonstrating various methods that can be implemented to manage these ailments and prevent their development in the future.

Course Outcomes

The definition of a pressure sore
A description of the various types of pressure sores
Areas of the body that are at risk of developing pressure sores
How to identify and treat the different stages of a pressure sore
An explanation of the best pressure sore treatment methods
A description of the most effective pressure sore medications
How to apply pressure sore medications safely and hygienically
How to manage the treatment of pressure sores
Successful pressure sore prevention methods
How to improve patient awareness of pressure sores

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