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Restraint & Breakaway Awareness

Course length

6 Hours

About the Course

If you work within the health care sector, this restraint and breakaway awareness course will provide you with extensive theoretical knowledge and the practical skills needed to safely restrain and calm your patients. By investing in this course, you will be taught by certified healthcare professionals who will instruct you how to apply non-physical intervention techniques that will minimise patient and staff health risks. You will also learn how to administer safe and effective restraint and breakaway techniques that will adhere to the national legislation regarding patient care.

Course Outcomes

A theoretical explanation of what constitutes reasonable force
Physical demonstrations of safe and effective restraint and breakaway techniques
A explanation of the importance of recording
Information on how to carry out professional risk assessments
An outline of the laws regarding self-defence
How to recognise the benefits of non-physical intervention
Theoretical and practical examples of non-physical intervention techniques

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