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Risk Assessment Awareness

Course length

3 Hours

About the Course

All businesses, large and small, public and private, need to carry out and understand risk assessments. Managers and employees need to have appropriate training to help them undertake and action risk assessments within their workplace. This Course will give you the understanding and skills needed to be responsilbe for risk assessments.
A risk assessment is a formal, documented process where a number of checks are made and the risks are identified and assessed, often with action points for improvements or additional training for employees. Risk assessments should be updated regularly to keep them current within the workplace and mindful of any updated legislation there may be.

Course Outcomes

Understand the legislation and its requirements
Understand what a risk assessment is and the risk assessment process
Understand why it is important to assess risks in the workplace
Be able to undertake moving and handling risk assessments
Be able to undertake fire safety risk assessments
Be able to undertake health and safety risk assessments
Be able to undertake risk assessments of buildings and premises

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