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Risk Assessment of Care

Course length

3 Hours

About the Course

If you’re involved in providing care, it’s vital that you understand the risks and have a good grasp of what can be done to reduce them.
This risk assessment of care course provides invaluable training for anyone who is involved in providing health and social care. You will learn about assessing risks to those being cared for, and risks to the carers themselves. We will guide you through different types of care plans, and discuss measures that can be taken to reduce risks in each.

Course Outcomes

What is a risk assessment?
Why is risk assessment important?
How do you identify hazards?
How do you quantify risk levels?
What can you do to reduce identified risks?
What are your legal obligations and requirements regarding risk?
What are the risk levels of different types of care plan?
What are the risks for a lone worker?
How do you perform a risk assessment of premises?
How do you assess the risk of a facility?

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