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Self Harm Awareness

Course length

About the Course

Though this course may be beneficial to individuals in any profession, it is particularly well suited to those working in care homes. This course aims to give candidates an understanding of the complex issues surrounding self-harming behaviours. The stigma surrounding the topic often leads to the dismissal of the fact that self-harm is essentially a coping mechanism for dealing with intense emotional turmoil, which can prevent individuals who self-harm from receiving adequate, effective help.

Course Outcomes

Defining and identifying self-harm, and the types of behaviours which are classed as self-harm
Who is at risk of engaging in self-harming behaviours?
Statistics on self-harming behaviours
The causes and triggers behind the behaviour
Concepts of self-harm, and the ways in which people can self-harm
The signs and indicators that an individual is self-harming
How to help an individual who self-harms
Verbal communication skills for supporting individuals who self-harm
Risk management
Situations in which discussion is appropriate

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