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SOVA Adults

Course length

3 Hours

About the Course

This three hour SOVA course meets the Skills for Care requirements for staff training and is designed for anyone who works with vulnerable adults in any care setting, enabling organisations to provide a service that better protects vulnerable adults.The content of the course covers an organisation’s duty of care and both the emotional and physical aspects of safeguarding vulnerable adults, including how to spot signs of abuse and the actions which need to be taken if abuse is suspected. The course can be tailored to the needs of your organisation and those of the vulnerable adults you work with.

Course Outcomes

Understanding the terms “vulnerable adults” and “safeguarding”
Employer and employee duty of care
Vulnerable adults’ rights and responsibilities
Safeguarding of vulnerable adults in a care setting
Defining “abuse” and distinguishing between the different patterns and types of abuse
Dignity, respect, boundaries and confidentiality
Risk assessment
Emotional and physical health and safety
Reporting suspected abuse
Developing listening and questioning skills
How to work within the No Secrets Act and POVA /SOVA legislation
How to work within an organisation’s policies
Whistle blowing

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