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SOVA Children

Course length

3 Hours

About the Course

The SOVA children course is three hours long and meets the staff training requirements for Skills for Care. It is aimed at anyone who works with vulnerable children in any setting. The course covers the responsibilities of organisations that have a duty of care for children as well as the physical and emotional characteristics of safeguarding vulnerable children. This includes learning how to identify abuse and the procedures which need to be followed when abuse is suspected. This course can be adapted to suit the needs of individual organisations and those of the vulnerable children in their care.

Course Outcomes

Understanding what is meant by ‘vulnerable children’ and ‘safeguarding’
Duty of care
The rights and responsibilities of vulnerable children
How to safeguard vulnerable children in a care setting
Defining what ‘abuse’ is and examining the various forms and patterns of abuse
Working within SOVA /POVA legislation and the No Secrets Act
Giving children dignity and respect
Risk assessment
Reporting suspected abuse
Confidentiality and boundaries
How to work within an organisation’s policies
Children’s emotional and physical health and safety
Improving listening and questioning skills
Whistle blowing

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