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Teamwork Awareness

Course length

About the Course

The ability to work well within a team in order to achieve a series of objectives is an attribute that is highly regarded by a multitude of employers. Consequently, if you are interested in improving your team building skills or if you are currently pursuing a career as a manager then this teamwork awareness course will benefit you. By undertaking this teamwork awareness course, you will learn how to assemble a successful group of productive colleagues, who will work well together towards a shared goal.

Course Outcomes

Information on when and why you should build a team
Examples of successful team building exercises
Advice on how to assemble a successful team
Examples of difficult situations and how to manage them
How to efficiently define roles within a team
How to motivate your team members
Advice on how to improve the productivity of your team
An explanation of the responsibilities of a team leader
An outline of key attributes which a skilled team leader should emulate

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