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Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers

Course length

About the Course

This course will provide participants with the necessary knowledge and certifications with which to support unaccompanied asylum seekers; persons who have applied for asylum in their own right and who have no relatives, friends or colleagues upon which to rely. This course will be beneficial for candidates who are interested in undertaking humanitarian work and for those who wish to pursue a career within the legal or social care sectors. This course will provide candidates with comprehensive information on unaccompanied asylum seekers, how their legal rights differ from refugees, and will educate them about the current national legislation to which unaccompanied asylum seekers must adhere.

Course Outcomes

The definition of an unaccompanied asylum seeker
An explanation of the differences between unaccompanied asylum seekers, refugees and other migrant groups
An outline of the current national legislation regarding unaccompanied asylum seekers
An explanation of potential legal changes regarding the rights of asylum seekers
Information on the various support provisions made available under this legislation
A list of the different helplines and charitable organizations dedicated to supporting asylum seekers
A demonstration of the various legal advice that candidates can impart to asylum seekers
An explanation of the different ways in which candidates can support unaccompanied asylum seekers

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